Fr. Lambert Riyazimana

Fr_Lambert.jpgDear benefactors,

It is an honor to convey my gratitude to you for the contributions you have made to deepen my formation. I constantly have you in my prayers each time that I celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


Almost four years have passed since I arrived at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. I have learned a lot here, not only in my studies, but also through the practical lessons I have learned from the people I have come to know at Santa Croce. I have also learned a great deal through working pastorally in parishes and shrines here in Italy, which has been a fruitful experience. Thank you for that!

The degree I have obtained allows me to serve in my diocese of Ngozi and throughout all of Burundi (located below Rwanda, Africa). I am aware of the necessity of deepening my studies in order to carry out this work, and I thank you very much for all of your efforts and generosity.
The best gift I can offer is that I will always pray for you and your loved ones, so that the Lord will fill your lives with His mercy and grace. Please pray for me also!

Fr. Lambert Riyazimana

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