Holy Mass Intentions


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Mass stipends are voluntary donations offered as a gift for the celebrant. Masses offered for your intentions are wonderful remembrances and tributes to loved ones, both living and deceased. Those who have a Mass offered, and those for whom a Mass is offered, partake of the infinite graces of the Eucharistic sacrifice in a special way. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the most pleasing and perfect offering made to God.

Your Mass offering will be a special help to the student priest, poor himself and working to prepare himself for the great work God has for him in the world. For many student priests, Mass offerings are a means of day-by-day support beyond the bare minimum of tuition, room and board. One hundred percent of the Mass stipend goes to the student priest who offers the Mass.

Mass cards for general intentions and for the repose of souls are available from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross Foundation.

A goodwill donation of $10.00 per Mass is appreciated.

Arrange a Mass Intention Online