Many young men who attend Santa Croce are sent to Rome to study at the request of their bishop. However, many bishops do not have the resources necessary for their seminarians and priests to study in Rome. Each year Santa Croce receives hundreds of requests from bishops around the world for financial assistance. Many shepherds govern archdioceses and dioceses that are extremely poor, yet their priests and seminarians have the God-given gifts and talents to study at Santa Croce; they simply lack the resources. This is where you can help. The Catholic Church is a universal Church, and your gift can help a young man from another country to receive the formation that he needs, and his priesthood can touch thousands of people in a distant land.

How can I help?

The annual cost for a priest or seminarian to live in Rome and study at Santa Croce is about 29,000 euros or approximately 30,000 U.S. dollars. Would you please consider a sponsorship? Gifts can be paid over the course of a year in monthly installments. Your gift can help enable a young man to receive his priestly formation at Santa Croce and return to his diocese well-prepared to lead his flock courageously. We know that not everyone can afford to sponsor a seminarian in Rome, but regardless of how much you are able to give, every dollar raised goes toward supporting Santa Croce and the poor seminarians and priests who are her students.  However for those of you who are able to consider a sponsorship, we invite you to do so below.

  • Full Sponsorship: $30,000       ($2,500 per month)
  • Half Sponsorship: $15,000       ($1,250 per month)
  • Quarter Sponsorship: $7,500   ($625 per month)
  • Eighth Sponsorship: $3,750     ($312.50 per month)
  • Partial Sponsorship: $1,875     ($156.25 per month)
  • Weekly Sponsorship: $576       ($48 per month)

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