Why Give?

CIMG0370.JPGYour money is limited. Why should you give anything to Santa Croce?

Because you care about the future of the Church.

When the Church faces challenges from every direction, she needs strong leaders, priests, religious, and laypeople, men and women, with a transforming love of the Lord and His Church and a deep knowledge of Catholic teaching. She needs people who have been trained and mentored by those gifted to form leaders.

Because you care about the truth.

Santa Croce is dedicated to the Magisterium. The future leaders who pass through the University come out with not just a knowledge of what the Church teaches, but also a thorough understanding of why the Church teaches it, and a commitment to sharing it with others — helping Catholics deepen their understanding and presenting the gospel to those outside the Church.

Because you care about people.

The Catholic Church has the good news everyone on Earth wants. It's good news about the whole of life. People need priests, religious, and laypeople who know that good news and have learned how to share it in thought and practice.

Because you care about the Church around the world.

Many students will go back to serve in places where the Church is the only institution dedicated to the people's good. In some of these places the Christian influence on society and practice of charity are really a matter of life or death. For millions of people, well-grounded Christian leaders make the difference between hope and despair. 

How can I give?