Albert Fortuny

Fr. Albert Fortuny

To Serve Him as Priests

My name is Albert Fortuny and I am from Cambrils, a small village in the diocese of Tarragona, in Spain. I am in Rome studying theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Before entering the seminary, I studied industrial engineering for one year at the “Mayor College Pedralbes.” Through prayer and going to daily Mass, I discovered that God was calling me to become a priest.

I left my studies and everything that I knew to enter the seminary. After working for three years at a parish in the diocese, my bishop asked me to come to Rome. My experience here has been incredible! Moving to a new place is always exciting at the beginning, but these years will continue to be formative for me. My classes are interesting and it is a great experience to live with other seminarians and priests from all over the world. 

I live in the “Altamonte” College, which is a priestly residence for Santa Croce students. The residence was established only four years ago, and houses priests and seminarians of all nationalities. Living here makes the Rome experience even more special, because you make friends with whom you can share your life experiences. It helps you to better understand the universality of the Church.

Our formation does not only take place in the class room, but in residence with others we are also formed humanly and spiritually. At Santa Croce and Altamonte we are able to form strong friendships with other men who want to be priests, and we bring each other closer to God. We all have the same desire: to serve Him as priests.

When benefactors give donations, whether small or large, to help us in our studies at Santa Croce, their generosity has a universal transcendence for eternity. Thank you for your generosity!