Felix Aman Luboya

Fr_Felix_Luboya.jpgMy name is Félix Aman Luboya and I come all the way from the diocese of Rigona, in Tanzania. I was born in the village of Nguruta, on June 30, 1985, and am the fourth of seven children. My father, Lauren Luboya, is a humble farmer and my mother, Rhoda Kutulitsa, is a primary school teacher who is approaching retirement.

My dear friends in the Lord Jesus, I want to thank you for generosity. You perform an act of love by providing formation and education to future priests. Your contribution helps us in every area of formation: academically, pastorally, spiritually and humanly.

In this way, the divine call to the priesthood can be properly carried out, and the Gospel will be proclaimed and will reach the whole world.

I am sure that everything you have done for me is an invitation from God. I also believe that, in spite of the obstacles and challenges that I might face each day, His presence and help will never stop.

I am currently in my third year of theology studies at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, in order to better serve people with my priestly vocation. The result will depend on the grace of God and on your prayers, which will always give me strength.

Thank you very much and may the Lord protect you!