Santa Croce 101

A Snapshot of the University


 Who learns here?

The student body at Santa Croce is extraordinarily diverse. A glance at some of the statistics shows that the University is serious about the mission of spreading the Gospel throughout the world.











Where do they come from?

Students come from every inhabited continent to learn at Santa Croce. When they go home, they take back not only an education, but also the unique experience of living and learning side by side with people from everywhere in the world. Note that students from the United States make up the third-largest group—just under 100 students—behind only students from Italy and Spain.

Europe: 45%
Americas: 33%
Asia: 10%
Oceania: 0.6%

Who are they?

Santa Croce serves many priests and seminarians, but it's not just a school for the clergy. The first-class education attracts many lay and religious students who go on to serve the Church in their own vocations.

Laity: 25%
Seminarians: 32%
Priests: 32%
Religious (including religious priests): 11%

Though men are in the majority, many women study at Santa Croce as well.

Men: 79%
Women: 21%